What to Expect from a Namibia Camping Safari

What to Expect from a Namibia Camping Safari Namibia is one of Africa’s most breathtaking countries, allowing people to escape from the daily grind and immerse themselves in a brand new culture, the wild outdoors, as well as spending some time seeing animals in their natural habitat. In a country where seven languages are spoken, […]


An African Safari

African Safari

Safari – is a Swahili word or from Arabic origin ”safar” that means to journey. The word “journey” can be used in many connotations in life such as one’s personal journey in growth to becoming his or herself or to journey a destination. There are so many variations that it would be impossible to mention […]


Trip Travel South Africa

NamibRand Road

Trip Travel South Africa  Its time to go on a trip travel South Africa, but we really cannot decide where to go and most importantly, who to contact or how! Do I go to my local travel agent down the road for advise or do I troll the Web and attempt to contact someone that […]


Types of Safaris

Lets look at the type of safaris or tour that will best suit your level of comfort. This is critical as the last thing you want is to arrive in some African city or town and to find that you have in fact been booked on something you never expected or wanted. Adventure Camping Safari: […]